BeeConnected and Precision Apiculture in 47th Apimondia Congress, Istanbul 2022



BeeConnected project participated in 47th World Beekeeping Congress, 47th APIMONDIA, in Istanbul 2022. 

Philippos Vardakas presented the results of the survey undertaken in three countries, France, Greece and Germany, on the acceptance of the precision apiculture systems by the beekeepers. 

Very interesting results which soon will be published and available to all.

In general Apimondia Congress was very interesting. 

The 216 oral presentations were divided into 23 thematic symposia.

Also, for the first time, 3 Main Symposia were organized which focused on three important topics. Quality and authenticity of honey, Climate change and Beekeeping based on the principles of nature with 24 guest speakers/distinguished scientists around the world.

In addition, a number of three roundtables and workshops were organised were organized on topics related to Asia and the honey of non-centered bees, on topics related to Africa and its specificities, and on general topics related to beekeepers of the whole world, on Beekeeping with less impact from chemicals and Genetic improvement of bees against Varroa. By all accounts, the talks were well attended, the discussions at the round tables and at the Main Symposia were dynamic and the participation of beekeepers as well as scientists was really very good.

Also very important was the presence of the Chilean team, who will organize the 48th World Congress of Beekeeping in Santiago, Chile, with the dynamic presence for all days of the conference of the Deputy Minister of Rural Development of Chile!

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