BeeConnected in Apis Silvatica conference

BeeConnected teams are working hard on their research topics, but they area also spreading the word and the knowledge: As an example we mention the  participation in the international meeting of “APIS SILVATICA- non managed bees” which took place between 16-20th May 2022 in Pantelleria island – Italy. and we signed the Pantelleria Declaration!

Interesting work on “Resource use and colony performance of honey bees in forest landscapes” was also presented by Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter. A tour in the island to search for the free-living colonies was also organised. Participants and other scientists signed the Pantelleria Declaration for supporting the re-wilding of the honey bee colonies in the island

Festival des pollinisateurs et des abeilles de Groix – visite de colonies d’abeilles sauvages au fort du Bas-Grognon – Fabrice Requier et Fani Hadjini

Also participating in the conference organised in Groix island – France with the title ” Turning islands into refuges for pollinators”

Un managed bees, managed bees, wild bees, other pollinators, they are all valuable and indispensable in the food chain. They are the main providers of our food diversity. Our goal is to protect them! Fabrice Require presented the BeeConnected project and its activities, while Fani Hatjina explained what it is required to do to protect the bees form pesticides uses. 

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