BeeConnectred team meets in Greece, May 2023


It was World bee day! BeeConnected project marked the WBD 2023 with a

consortium meeting in Greece on the 31st of May and an excursion to a bee breeder on the 1st June!

Because bees need us!

Location: Nea Moudania- Chalkidiki, GREECE
Host: ELGO-‘DIMITRA’- Department of Apiculture


The 3rd in person meeting of the consortium had a very busy schedule!



Discussions were focused on Working session- updates of Work packages advances in the project, data collection in France, Germany and Greece of connected frames, data analysis on temporal patterns of colony weight, predictions of the relative contribution of honey reserves, brood, adult bees, science robotics response.

BeeConnected project is running towards the end but still some data is collected. Interesting to see the progress and how the variables are connected to each other! The 36 different sensors in the beehive, together with the microphones and hive scales,, all in 135 colonies in 9 locations in each country (France, Germany, Greece)!









And of course after the work, we did visit the local Museum and the Apiculture Hub- as well as the Bee sculpture in Nea Moudania!