Fani Hatjina – Research Director

Fani Hatjina – Research Director

Fani Hatjina,

Research Director,

Department of Apiculture- Institute of Animal Science- ELGO ‘DIMITRA’


F. Hatjina is senior researcher (PhD, Univ. of Cardiff-UK) in bee science. Her research interests focus on honeybee breeding and mating behaviour, disease resistance and Environmental risk assessment. She serves as an expert in EFSA and OECD and she is coordinator of an APIMONDIA working group. She coordinated Greek national and European Bilateral research projects on the characterisation of the Greek honeybee populations, on the quality of queens and biological control against Varroa funded by the EC and the Greek Government. She was MC member of Cost Action FA0803 “COLOSS” and currently of Cost Action FA1307 “SUPER-B”. In the SMARTBEES project ( she acts as a National Co-coordinator for the breeding activities and performance testing of the colonies, as well as National Coordinator for the monitoring activities of varroa resistance populations run under the EurBeST project. F. Hatjina has a long experience working with Citizen Science. She has been lecturing in the Aristotelian Uni. of Thessaloniki and Higher Educational Institution of Thessaloniki, as well as in many national and international beekeepers’ meetings. She has authored more 120 articles in local journals and newspapers. Member of I.B.R.A. Council. President of APIMONDIA’s Bee Health Scientific Commission. She has 55 peer-review articles, a h-index of 19 and his research got 1400 citations (

Publications most relevant to the BeeConnected project

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Gilioli, G., Sperandio, G., Hatjina, F.,& Simonetto, A. (2019) Towards the development of an index for the holistic assessment of the health status of a honey bee colony. Ecological Indicators, 101, 341-347.

Maragou Niki C., George Pavlidis, Helen Karasali & Fani Hatjina (2017) Determination of Arsenic in Honey, Propolis, Pollen, and Honey Bees by Microwave Digestion and Hydride Generation Flame Atomic Absorption. Analytical Letters

Hatjina, F., […] Berg, S., Bouga, M., et al. (2014) Population dynamics of European honey bee genotypes under different environmental conditions. Journal of Apicultural Research 54, 233-247.