Fani Hatzjina

Fani Hatzjina

Fani Hatjina,

Research Director,

Department of Apiculture- Institute of Animal Science- ELGO ‘DIMITRA’


Fani Hatjina is senior researcher (PhD, Univ. of Cardiff-UK) in bee science and Director of the Institute of Animal Science. Her research interests focus on honeybee breeding and mating behaviour, conservation of the local honey bee populations, resistance to varroa, and Environmental risk assessment. She serves as an expert in EFSA and OECD and she is coordinator of an APIMONDIA working group. Recently she has been elected as President of the APIMONDIA’s Scientific Commission on Bee Health. The health of the bees, the interaction with the environment and the sustainability of the beekeeping are the areas Fani is also promoting through Apitourism.
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Publications most relevant to the BeeConnected project


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