In person meeting of BeeConnected Consortium, February 2022

Between 24th and 28th of February 2022, we, the members of the BeeConnected Consortium were met in person, for first time since the beginning of the project (1-2-2021) in Gif-sur-Yvette at the CNRS Campus (France).

The bees and the apiaries with our multiple sensors were once more under the microscope! Urban, agricultural and semi-natural locations, colony health, behaviour, climate, sampling methods and frequency, data already collected from hundreds of sensors, innovations, climate champers and sounds, metabarcoding and machine learning!  Lots of new knowledge in such a short time! This meeting had it all! Progress and future plans. Enthusiasm and optimism! Presentations and indoors discussions as well as field observations.

In a nutshell: During the first year of the project, we developed, tested and adapted our protocols. 2022 will be a milestone year, especially in term of data collection. We plan to have all of the devices working to record winter activities.