Acceptability study

Acceptability study

Acceptability study on Precision Apiculture Tools

Precision apiculture is understood as any electronic system that helps in the monitoring of individual bee colonies to minimize resource consumption and maximize the productivity of bees.  During the recent years, many attempts have been made and published, using different tools and their combination, several of which can already been found in the market.

BeeConnected is a European research project aiming to develop low cost precision apiculture tools that will help identify and analyse winter mortality risks of honey bee colonies and prepare early-warning indicators that could help beekeepers limiting colony losses.

Therefore, we invited the  beekeeepers to record their opinion. They were invited to participate in the following study, in the form of an online questionnaire, as part of the BeeConnected project*.

The objective of this study is a) to better understand the knowledge, the demands, the willingness, the exportations and the reasons behind the use of such tools by the beekeepers and b) to calibrate the design and the suitability of the system, in order to ensure its social acceptance.

The benefits from the participation will not be seen immediately. However, the insights and results will improve the development of well-accepted information technologies and a decision-support system to foster healthy and sustainable beekeeping.

For participation please use the follow links: or the relevant QR code: