Landscape and climate

Urban Wurzburg
Landscape and climate2

Landscape and climate effect on winter mortality of honeybee colonies

PhD student: Giulia Mainardi
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter
Lab: University of Würzbur

The objectives of this PhD project are:

  • a better understanding of the effect of flower resources in three different landscapes: urban, agricultural, and semi-natural. How?
      • Collection of pollen during the entire foraging season
      • Analysis of the diversity (DNA metabarcoding) and quantity of pollen collected
      • Gene expression of the protein Vitellogenin and analysis for a possible correlation with pollen diversity.
  • monitoring the response of honeybee colonies in different winter climate scenarios. How?
      • Climate chamber experiment
      • Use of in-hive humidity and temperature sensors.