Project Coordination

UMR EGCE (Évolution, Génomes, Comportement et Écologie) – Université Paris-Saclay, CNRS, IRD – France

UMR-EGCE researches aim to understand the impact of global changes on insect’s diversity, abundance and ecology in the context of food security and public health. UMR-EGCE has a multidisciplinary approach, linking genomics, genetics and ecology. Work is integrated at different levels, from the genome to the species and sometimes to the community. The different teams study different aspects of evolution: adaptation, speciation, genome-environment interactions, as well as interactions between species within an ecosystem. UMR-EGCE has long experience in bee research, especially on honeybees, strong skills in modelling, computational science and ICT applications to insects. Other experience on molecular analysis on bees; evaluation of disease resistance characters; Citizen science; Pollination experiments; coordination of National beekeeping network; honey bee risk assessment


Fabrice Requier coordinates the BeeConnected project. He is researcher (PhD in Ecology, France) at UMR EGCE with interest in agroecology and pollinator ecology. His research focuses on pollinator responses to changes in landscape structure, exposures to agrochemicals and pressures from (invasive) biotic factors, and the subsequent implications for biological conservation and ecosystem services. For this he generally combine the use of lab experiments, field monitoring and modelling techniques. Much of his research focuses on the development of decision-support tools for informing natural resource policy and management. More information here. More information here.



François Rebaudo is an engineer at UMR EGCE with interest in modelling approaches at the interface between disciplines (ecology, agronomy, genetics and social sciences). He is interested in the relationship between temperature and insect performances in heterogeneous landscapes to explore the complexity of social-ecological systems. More information here.




Etienne Minaud is a PhD student in ecology at UMR EGCE. His research focus on the winter ecology of Honey bee with aim to develop and use information and telecommunication technologies (ICT) as automatic monitoring of honey bee colony dynamics in order to (1) understand mechanisms underlying winter mortality risk and to (2) identify early-warning indicators that could help beekeepers limiting colony losses and related economic deficits. More information here.



Elise Verrier, is a Postdoc researcher in behavioral ecology. After PhD in theoretical ecology on the pollinators foraging behavior, she is currently working on the Honeybee colony resilience from data field. As a part of BeeConnected project, the purpose of her post-doc is to find early warning signals of winter colony mortality towards a sustainable beekeeping activity. More information here.